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Rural Scholars

The Rural Scholars program aims to benefit both rural communities and Oklahoma State University students. OSU students will conduct research on the leading issues and grand challenges facing rural communities in Oklahoma and beyond, receiving firsthand research and service experience. For 10 weeks in the summer, pairs of students will live in a rural community and work with community leaders to carry out research projects and provide assistance, support and solutions for community issues. Before that, students will be trained in community-based research approaches and gather background information on their assigned community. Learn more about our 2020 Rural Scholars here. 


The Rural Renewal Initiative is always looking to expand its efforts. If your community would be interested in hosting Rural Scholars, please fill out an application.

2020 Rural Scholars Projects


Rural EMS Post-Hospital Closure Perceptions and Impact:Telemedicine Readiness


Perspectives of Rural Health Systems


Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor Performance in Irrigated Cropland: On-Farm Evaluation


Use of Soil Moisture Information in Agricultural Decision-Making: Perspectives from Irrigators


Evaluating Rural Restoration Potential and the Problems Rural Communities Face in Infrastructure Maintenance/Revitalization


The Impact of a Five-week Rural Youth Leadership Development Program


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