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University of Nebraska, Rural Futures Institute


Iowa State University, Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods


Langston University, School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences


China Agricultural University, Soil & Water Resources; Humanities & Develop. Studies




One Acre Fund, international rural development organization focused on East Africa


FEJ-USA, non-profit organization focused on rural development in Haiti


REI Oklahoma, non-profit economic development organization


Harmon County Forward Foundation



Government organizations

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry


Oklahoma Department of Commerce


City of Hollis, Harmon County


City of Frederick, Tillman County




Shortgrass Community Health Center, Harmon County


Memorial Medical Group, Tillman County


Rural Health Association of Oklahoma




Chattanooga Public Schools, Tillman County


Tipton Public Schools, Tillman County


Harmon County Extension Office






Pioneer Telephone, Oklahoma telecommunications company


Aexonis Incorporated, Internet of Things company



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